[SOLVED] Finding network hosts / devices from Microsoft Windows CMD line.

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So You are trying to find all the “active” devices / hosts in Your lan and the only thing You have accessible is a MS Windows command line?


Click on Menu Start > Run (or press [Windows_key] + [R] combo on Your keyboard. Type in:


and press [Enter].

IF You have set up the IP statically and / or You know the IP range of the network You are using You can skip this step.

Type in:


and press [Enter]. From here You will find out what IP has been assigned to Your machine by DHCP…

So lets say Your IP is This means that _PROBABLY_ the rest of the devices in Your network will have 192.168.0.xxx IP addresses.

Knowing this use this command:

for /L %I in (1,1,254) DO ping -w 30 -n 1 192.168.0.%I | find "Reply"

IF Your IP range looks like 192.168.1.xxx

for /L %I in (1,1,254) DO ping -w 30 -n 1 192.168.1.%I | find "Reply"

and so on…

Unless the devices are set to drop ICMP requests You should be able to see ping replies from the active hosts.



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