Disable “Early Access Build” message in ElementaryOS 6 Beta

So I’ve installed Elementary 6 Beta for testing purposes. Cool.

On every single boot I was greeted with this…

I wanted to get rid of it so I’ve decided to track what application was starting this pop-up.

To figure it out I’ve installed xdotool

sudo apt install xdotool

and then ran this command and clicked on the “Welcome message” box to focus it:

sleep 5 && cat "/proc/$(xdotool getwindowpid "$(xdotool getwindowfocus)")/comm"

Turns out that the culprit was:

So I started killing off all the io.elementary.* processes that were running with my user permissions and the window was gone after I’ve killed:


So I ran:

sudo apt purge io.elementary.onboarding

And after a reboot the message was no longer appearing.

Have a great day.



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