How to enable thumbnails in Windows 10?

Hi there.

Yes yes I know… Windows. Now stop bitching.

Yes I do use Microsoft Windows 10 at work and at home for gaming purposes.

Now as our friends in Hollywood would say – lets cut to the chase. Thumbnails. This has been bugging me for a bit now. How do you enable them. Normally all you had to do was right click and choose View > Thumbnails. But in Windows 10 this option is… hidden. I have stumbled onto the solution accidentally and decided to share.

So you want to open the folder containing photos / images.

Then you want to click View in the menu.

In there you want to make sure that something like “Large icons” or “Extra large icons” is selected.

Then you want to click Options.

When the Options Window pops up you want to click on View tab.

Now You want to make sure that the “Always show icons, never thumbnails” option is unticked.

And when that’s done – You click OK.

Voila… Thumbnails!




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  1. A Man Has No Name

    I come here to view quality Linux material and what you give me is Win10 101? What happened to you?!?! What a shame…

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