Bluetooth fix. Plasma. Bluedevil. Some of the bluez-utils tools got deprecated. hcitool scan no longer works.

So my wife tells me “My bluetooth isn’t working…” This is her way of saying “I love you“. She knows that I love troubleshooting stuff.

This is (in short) what needs to be done in order for bluetooth to work with the new version of bluez and bluez-utils under Plasma.

Gain root:


Install bluetooth basics:

pacman -S obexfs pulseaudio-bluetooth bluedevil bluez bluez-libs bluez-utils

Add your user to the lp group:

gpasswd -add lp login

Replace #AutoEnable=false with AutoEnable=true in the /etc/bluetooth/main.conf file:

sed -i 's/#AutoEnable=false/AutoEnable=true/g' /etc/bluetooth/main.conf

Enable bluetooth service:

systemctl enable bluetooth



Upon reboot you should have bluedevil bluetooth icon in Plasma tray. You should also be able to pair and access the bluetooth devices (like your phone) using Dolphin file manager.

If its not working for you… happy troubleshooting. You are on your own ;).





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