Valheim BepinEX InSlimVML BuildShare Mods Installation 11.07.2022


I am not great at making videos but I was annoyed by the fact that I could not find a video that would give me a 100% working solution. Also the mods config file location was a PITA to find. Necessity forced me to create this monstrosity you’re watching / about to watch ;-).

Links below. Including a link to “Open Source Bug” video explaining how to open RAR file in 7z File Manage. He did a great job, no need for me to reinvent the wheel.

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Once you have installed everything like instructed in the video those will be the paths to your main folders:

In Steam Library, right click on Valheim and choose Manage – Browse local files

Once inside the Valheim main game folder you have have:

BepinEX mods folder located in:


BepinEX mods configs folder located in:


InSlim mods folder located in:


Vbuild storage folder located in:





7z download link:
Use 7zip to open RAR file | DOWNLOAD LINK
Buildshare Mod Download:
Comunity Builds Library:


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