YouTube allows fake ads from MrBeast impersonators that are stealing people’s money… Not a clickbait.

Hey all.

This is pissing me off. YouTube – the biggest video sharing service on the internet helps scammers steal money from people. I am not joking. Let me explain.

I was watching YouTube content on my phone (I usually don’t because of the amount of ads) and I’ve noticed this AD on YouTube:

First thing that caught my attention was the cartoony Jimmy, next was the MrBeast logo left to the video title and channel name. I thought Jimmy is up to his usual shenanigans but then I looked closer.

Everyone that visits this page in the pinned comment of the video will get $1000… Woah ok…

So first of all You can see that the channel is NOT the official MrBeast YouTube channel, that might be OK Jimmy has few channels. Maybe this one is new…? Domain name? Ok ok… Maybe its nothing… But then you click the “Claim Reward” button and You are asked for $2.99 in order to receive a $1000 “PayPal Voucher”.

Does this reminds You of something? Nigerian prince that is fleeing the country and wants to share $20,000,000.00 with You and all You need to do to get your cut is to send him $150 to cover his banking fees? Yeah… In my time it was called a “Nigerian scam” later renamed to advanced-fee scam.

Do NOT fall for this. This is not Jimmy / MrBeast and he is not associated with those people. Jimmy wouldn’t ask you for money. He really does not need Your $2.99. If You want to give Jimmy money – go and buy his merch or the chocolate bars etc. Watch his videos. Subscribe to his channels, like comment and share his videos etc. but do NOT fall for this. Jimmy will never see Your money and You will never see the $1000 that the scammers are promising You…

Now let me say this and be very clear about it. This whole scam operation has NOTHING to do with Jimmy except for one thing – some dirtbag is using his reputation to scam people. This is important I will explain why in a sec… This post is not pointed at MrBeast. Jimmy did absolutely nothing wrong. I am an admirer of MrBeast. He does a lot of good. I love his content. He is a great guy. Go and check out videos on his MrBeastPhilanthropy channel. Guy is practically a saint by today’s standards. He is building orphanages, he is helping communities that suffered from disasters, he is building homes for homeless families and gives away school supplies to children etc. Jimmy is fantastic. Not just my opinion. This guy has hundreds of millions of followers on multiple platforms and between several YouTube channels. He is a BEAST. He is also well known for giving away large sums of money to strangers.

Now this ad on YouTube is pissing me off for many reasons:

– Someone is using Jimmy’s good name and reputation to steal money from people. MrBeast is amazing. I know I am repeating myself but this message needs to sink in ok? Scammers use that to steal money from kids, naive, tired and / or uneducated people. This IS BAD. Why? I’ve seen situations where my favourite creators were explaining in the videos addressed to their followers “Guys – this telegram account that is promising you a pot of gold – that’s not us! This is NOT our account. We did not replied to your comment. Please stop contacting us about Your reward!”. And this is JUST a stupid comment from a malicious user on YouTube. Now imagine seeing a YouTube approved, PAID ad that promises You a $1000… This is much bigger than a simple YouTube comment. People will fall for this. Look at the number of likes under the pinned comment. 608 people liked it!… The channel had about 350 subscribers. Who will they blame when they won’t get their promised $1000? MrBeast… because he promised and did not delivered and they believed him because he is MrBeast! This is a problem!

– YouTube by allowing this sort of ads (THERE IS MORE THAN ONE CHANNEL OUT THERE ACTIVELY DOING THIS!) on their platform is actively HELPING scammers exploit MrBeast brand for their malicious purposes. Are they doing it knowingly? I don’t know. I doubt that but still. IS NOBODY CHECKING THOSE ADS BEFORE THEY ARE AIRED??? Is everything automated to the point where You pay them money and they will air whatever you want? Are they that desperate for income? Is it possible that soon we will see ads from Linus Tech Tips giving away free screwdrivers? Or maybe Endless Adventure will offer You a night in their vintage Clementine for $5? Or maybe Joey the King of Diy will give you a tour behind his shed so that You can see his wood? You know the aquascaping supplies… Matt from Off The Ranch / Demolition Ranch will offer You his favourite glock for 2 beers and a chewing gum? Sam The Cooking Guy will offer You a schnitzel for $2.99? Dan from Tring Shoe Repair will fix your boots for £3? PepperGeek will send You a magic pepper seeds for only $2.99? Who is next? PewDiePie? Markiplier?

Recently I’ve watched a video from Demolition Ranch where Matt explains that he is re-uploading a video because YouTube MODERATORS removed it because it contained scenes where he was attaching a silencer to a gun. THIS is not allowed on YouTube. Not the fact that the gun with the silencer is present in the video. This is ok. Its the deed of attaching the silencer to a gun that’s not… How dumb is this?

Just before posting this I’ve watched a Techlinked (one of the LMG channels) video where James is talking about more ways that YouTube is demonetising its creators…

GREAT! So YouTube IS monitoring and moderating content… Just not the ads aired on their platform? Come ON! This STINKS!

How does this gets past the YouTube’s advertising people? This is an obvious disgusting scam! Is everything automated to the point where NOBODY watches those ads before they are aired? No moderation whatsoever? WHY? If they had some sort of moderation system that verifies the ad content – this wouldn’t happen. It would be as simple as “Uhhh MrBeast is advertising a giveaway.. How nice. But let me check out that link real quick! Roh roh… This is sketchy! Hello MrBeast? Jimmy are you trying to run an ad on YouTube? No? Ok thanks! Lets keep scammers money they paid for the ad and never air it! Profit! Uhm and maybe alert the authorities with the scammer’s details! Another one bites the dust! Job well done!

I might get hammered for posting this by the people behind this scummy enterprise. My site may get attacked and hacked. My server is backed up so… yeah. I may get doxxed. I am sticking my neck out here but the fact is that I won’t just sit here and take it. This is a disgusting practice. YouTube by airing this scummy content is dragging MrBeast’s name through mud and helps scammers steal money from people. Not cool. Attaching silencers is not ok BUT scummy ads are fine… GREAT job! NOT!

I hope that Jimmy gets in touch with his YouTube rep and puts an end to it.

I tried contacting Jimmy via his business e-mail. I got no reply so far.

I tried contacting Google / YouTube press department with a request for a comment. I got no reply so far.

I tried starting a discussion threads on reddit

But both threads ended up being removed by the moderators… I know of at least one more person that tried to raise awareness about this and his thread was also removed.

I am really glad we have such a strong moderation on reddit… Maybe YouTube could hire them to moderate the ad vids…

I don’t have a Twitter or Facebook account where I could try and contact creators and try raising awareness about this hence this post on my crummy little site where more than likely nobody will ever read this… but at least I tried.

If You stuck with me this far – thanks for reading. My message to You is simple. Spread the word, stay vigilant, don’t get scammed, don’t blame YouTube creators if You did fall for this and have a great day.

Kindest regards.



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  1. Yas queen, slay.

    Those mods are egotistical pricks shilling for YouTube. They say they aren’t affiliated but they seem very biased against people rightfully talking shit about their google overlords.
    I’m tempted to make my own YT subreddit… with blackjack and hookers. Nah, just a place to actually talk about youtube without being shut down.

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