Stopping the darn akonadi server…

Hi Folks!

I have noticed that akonadi (even tho the indexing was off in KDE Control Center) was creating big .db files in my ~/.local/share/akonadi/ folder.

It’s annoying. I don’t use it. I don’t want to waste the HDD space so I googled.

I have found out about command that checks the akonadi server status:

akonadictl status

and I used it here.

[andrzejl@wishmasbell ~]$ akonadictl status
Akonadi Control: running
Akonadi Server: running
Akonadi Server Search Support: not available
[andrzejl@wishmasbell ~]$

Arggggggggghh… How to stop the dang server?

Open this file.


in Your favorite text editor and change value of the


line to false. So it looks like this.


Save the file. Log out and then back in or just reboot and test the akonadictl status again

[andrzejl@wishmasbell ~]$ akonadictl status
Akonadi Control: stopped
Akonadi Server: stopped
Akonadi Server Search Support: not available
[andrzejl@wishmasbell ~]$

HECK YEAH! Now You can open this folder ~/.local/share/ and then find and remove akonadi folder inside it.

Space saved. Ram saved. CPU saved. Triple win…

Since I turned it off I don’t see any negative stuff happening here…




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