Activating sudo in PCLinuxOS (word of advice – don't!)

Hi all.

Some of You mad folks for some reason want to use the MAJOR security risk called sudo

I do not recommend it. I don’t use it. I don’t even like it.

The preferred way of gaining root privileges in PCLinuxOS is to use the su command.

For example – You want to get PCLinuxOS Control Center opened? Run this in terminal:

su -c "pcc"

and then press [ENTER] give root password and press [ENTER] again.

BUT since Linux is all about choice and all about freedom here is a way of activating sudo for a certain user in PCLinuxOS. Altho like I said. It’s a major security risk. If You (or someone else) will mess up Your machine don’t come crying to me or to the PCLinuxOS Forum. You are on Your own…

How to install sudo on PCLinuxOS 2011? You need to activate special repository. Then reload the package list. Find and install sudo package. Now You need to configure it.

Run this command in terminal.

su -c "echo 'login ALL=(ALL) ALL' >> /etc/sudoers"

(replace the word login with Your actual login!) then press [ENTER] and then give root’s password and press [ENTER] again.

That’s it. Try running sudo…

Only fools are activating sudo in PCLinuxOS... Noone reads this anyway me thinks :D

Works? Great. No? Even better… You are reading this line tagged as FAIL :P.

Regards. Hope this helps (but I seriously doubt that… unless Your goal was to wreck Your install or get it hacked…).


Edit: clarjon1 at #pclinuxos irc channel said that some apps (like truecrypt) need the sudo command. Fair enough. Entry for truecrypt will be different then what’s posted above but sudo maybe useful in some rare 😉 occasions.


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