Texstar says: Time to upgrade your kernel

Hi all.

Few hours ago Texstar wrote:

Please be advised if you are running a kernel older than what was present on our 2010.12 ( release then it is time to install an updated kernel. Failure to do so can result in possible boot failures on an upgraded system.

The most recent kernel available is version The default kernel we are using is the kernel. All you have to do is mark it for installation and click apply. Please do not mark and remove your existing kernel.

Please note on first boot of a new kernel you will need to give it a few minutes to complete building some dynamic kernel drivers. Please allow it to complete this transaction before it proceeds to the desktop. Your computer has not hung up. Please do not press the reset button. You can press esc once the bootsplash appears on the screen if you wish to watch it in verbose (text) mode.

Just passing the words.



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