Irssi config by AndrzejL. Autologin to Freenode. SSL. Autojoin PCLinuxOS channels.

Hi all.

Irssi is not very difficult to be configured but it takes time.

Here is a pre-configured config file. Place it in Your ~/.irssi/ folder replacing the current file. Edit few lines. Start irssi. Enjoy.

If You don’t know how to save and replace the config file run this command in the terminal:

cd ~/.irssi/ && mv ./config ./config.backup && wget -c && kwrite ~/.irssi/config

Now when kwrite opens go to View in the menu bar and click on Show line numbers. Now edit the lines and close kwrite window. Choose yes when asked do You want to save the file.

The lines that need to be edited:

6 – change this line to Your Freenode password
80-82 – edit / delete entries if You don’t want to autojoin or want to autojoin different channels.
251-253 – have to be edited as well. Real name. Username. Nick.

All the rest can be edited as well if You know what You are doing but those indicated lines have to be changed.

If You are interested in configuring Irssi You may want to read this topics as well:

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