Battery broken annoying warning…

Hi all.

I had to move from PackardBell EasyNote W3301 laptop to my Acer Travelmate 2420 due to the hardware failure. I moved hard drive from one lappy to another. This was a little hacky but worked.

First thing I have noticed was a Battery broken annoyance each time my machine would boot to KDE4… Yes, thank You, I know the battery sucks and that I cannot afford a new one. Now please bugger off and stop rubbing the fact in… 😉

I got rid of it. Here is how.

Open konsole and type in:


Broken battery warning step 1

followed by the Enter punch.

KDE4 Control Center will pop up. Now go to Hardware > Power Management > Global Settings.

Broken battery warning step 2

Now click on the Configure Notifications button. New window will pop up. Look for a Broken battery notification entry and click on it.

Broken battery warning step 3

Now uncheck the Play a sound and Show a message in a popup boxes. OK the window and close KCC and Konsole.

Broken battery warning step 4

On next reboot / log in it won’t bother You anymore.

Hope this helps.




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