Avast Antivirus Home Edition on PCLinuxOS 2011.6

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Yes yes yes… I know… Linux does not needs antivirus software. True. BUT then – if You are dualbooting with Windows You may want to be able to check the other OS once in a while… Rootkits / malware / spyware / rougeware / viruses and so on and so forth… Even if You are not dualbooting another way of using this would be to use Your remaster to check Your computers at home that are using Windows from the LiveCD / LiveDVD level… Seems useful right? You can access the Windows partitions with read / write permissions under Your PCLinuxOS. Nastiness cannot hide itself from the antivirus with few entries in the registry… Sounds really good… So how does one installs Avast on the PCLinuxOS…

First we need to download a copy of it (it’s legal if You are using it at home on a non-commercial machines. For more info read the Terms and Conditions).

Open konsole and issue this command:

wget -c http://files.avast.com/files/linux/avast4workstation-1.3.0-1.i586.rpm

Downloading Avast #1

Now wait for it to finish downloading

Downloading Avast #2

Done right?

Downloading Avast #3

Now You need to gain root privileges. Issue those commands:


give a root’s password when asked.

Now for the installation part issue this command:

apt-get install avast4workstation-1.3.0-1.i586.rpm

and wait for it to finish.

Installing Avast #1


Installing Avast #1

Great. Now issue those two commands:

echo '' >> /etc/rc.local

Installing Avast #2

echo 'echo 128000000 >/proc/sys/kernel/shmmax' >> /etc/rc.local

Installing Avast #3


Close the konsole window and go to Kmenu. Type in ava in the search box.

Installing Avast #4

There You go – that’s Your avast. Click in it. Registration box will pop-up.

Installing Avast #5

Click on the “Click here to obtain registration key” link.

You can choose what browser do You want to use.

Installing Avast #6

Fill out registration form correctly and wait for the e-mail from avast with Your product key.

Installing Avast #7

Copy and paste the registration key into the Registration window and Ok it.

Installing Avast #8

You have just installed Avast home edition for Linux workstations.

Installing Avast #9

Close the avast window and reboot Your machine. When it’s fully rebooted open Avast and upgrade / configure it to Your liking.

Upgraded and configured Avast Antivirus under PCLinuxOS 2011.6 KDE4

Avast does not have to be installed on KDE4. It can be installed on any other DE available with PCLinuxOS. If You want to You can scan the files from the command line… Type in

avast --help

for more details and the command syntax.

Avast configuration files and viruses database are stored in the ~/.avast folder.

If the menu entry was not created and You are planning on creating Your own launcher use:


in the command box.

Icons are available here:


Hope that someone will find it interesting.



25th January 2012 EDIT:

If You follow this HOWTO and You get

E: Couldn't find package avast4workstation-1.3.0-1.i586.rpm

error then open Dolphin in your /home/login directory. Go to View > Show Hidden Files (make sure it’s ticked),

MiniMe fix

then look for the file, .bashrc, and open it with kwrite. Look for a line;

alias su='su -'

Put a comment in front of that line # so it looks somewhat like this:

# alias su='su -'

Save the file.

Reboot. Redo the howto from step one. It should work without problem for You now.

Solution by Old-Polack – thanks Dude.


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