Irssi and screen on the shell – notifications on local machine.

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If You are running Irssi inside GNU Screen session on Your shell account (ssh) You may want to turn on the notifications so the local machine that You are connecting from makes a beep or notifies You with popup each time Your name is being used or someone PMs You.

This is a addition to Installing and configuring GNU Screen post so make sure that You read / follow that post first.

Ready? Here we go.

Close Irssi and the Screen session on the shell account and use this command:

sed -i 's/vbell on/vbell off/' $HOME/.screenrc

It will change the mode that screen is being started with from visual to audible bell. You can also switch between the bell modes manually by using CTRL + A / CTRL + G combo.

Now on the local machine (the one that connects to the shell server) You need to setup notifications in Your terminal. In my case its KDE4. It will look like this:

Settings > Configure Notifications

Screen Irssi Notifications 01

Find and click on “Bell in Visible Session” and then mark the box next to “Show a message in a popup”.

Screen Irssi Notifications 02

From now on You will see this popup each time someone calls Your name or PMs You on IRC.

Screen Irssi Notifications 03

Also You will be able to see all the notifications in the system tray notification section.

Screen Irssi Notifications 04

As You have probably noticed there were other events that could be used as a notification methods in KDE4. If You don’t like the popups – mess around with the settings.

Sometimes notifications can be little overwhelming… Remember that You can always turn them off if You feel like it.

Hope this helps.



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