Mozilla Thunderbird 7.0 and the Firetray add-on…

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I am using the Firetray add-on with my Mozilla Thunderbird so when I click on the close button it’s not getting closed but minimized to tray and is notifying me about new emails from there every 60 seconds. After upgrade to the 7.0 version add-on stopped being compatible (even if I got it enabled with Compatibility Report add-on the tray icon part was not working). So I checked for upgrades and there were none. So I went to the project page and I checked there. I have found version 0.3.3.xpi in their download section with a description:

This build doesn’t include any change in the code, it just include a component built to make it compatible with FF and TB 7.*

I have immediately downloaded and tested it and BOOM it works again.

How to install this add-on? Right click on the link above and choose to Save Link As. After that choose appropriate folder to download the file into. Next open Thunderbird and go to Tools > Add-ons. Next click on the little wrench icon next to the Search all add-ons box in the top right corner and pick Install add-on from a file.

Little wrench icon.

A window will pop-up asking You for a location of the add-on file. Maneuver to the downloaded add-on xpi file and double click on it. New window will pop-up asking do You want to install this add-on. Read the warnings. Click on the pop-up and the Install button will get activated. Click on it.

Do You realllly want to...

You will be asked to restart Your Thunderbird. Please do so. Enjoy Your working Firetray again.

Restart Your Thunderbird.

If You have the older version installed You don’t have to remove it – installation of the newer version will overwrite it.


Hope someone will find this info useful.



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