[SOLVED] Wget + https = ERROR: Cannot open directory /etc/openssl/certs

Hi folks!

I tried to download a certain Mozilla addon and I found myself looking at the error message:

ERROR: Cannot open directory /etc/openssl/certs

The command that I have used was simple:

wget -c https://github.com/downloads/foudfou/FireTray/firetray-0.4.0a3.xpi

wget https ssl certs error

After a bit of digging I have found a quick and easy fix. Run those commands:


followed by the root’s password.

mkdir /etc/openssl

ln -s /etc/ssl/certs/ /etc/openssl/certs


wget https ssl certs error fix in progress

Now try to re-run the wget command.

wget -c https://github.com/downloads/foudfou/FireTray/firetray-0.4.0a3.xpi


wget https ssl certs error is gone

Hope this helps somebody someday.




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