New OP-erators on the #PCLinuxOS-PL channel.

Hi all.

Polish PCLinuxOS channel was created almost 3 years. Then I got rid of it for over 6 months due to the lack of interest of users. Later I’ve recreated it again simply because the Polish community of PCLinuxOS (which got slightly bigger) and their Friends needed a nice place to hang around, chat and support each other.

Channel was created with the idea of being one of many international channels in the PCLinuxOS network. Since there was a problem in the past with that I have setup JohnW_57 – good friend of mine – as a co-founder of the channel. This way if anything happens to me – channel will continue to exist and no one will have the right to claim any rights to the ownership of the channel but the guy who owns / manages all the official PCLinuxOS channels.

For all this time I have been managing this channel by myself. I have compiled and configured MISIASTY – my personal BOT (from a beta 2.8.x tarball to get SSL and IPV6 support) – one of the channel operators. Bot helps me to get rid of the people that use foul language, misbehave, flood and spam. He also greets users, informs, annoys and humors them ;). MISIASTY is a great helper BUT sometimes I am not on the channel and even tho the bot is very smart and is learning fast – he could not handle certain situations himself so I have decided that I will give extended privileges (OP-erator’s status) to 3 other users: Enlik, Rsanti and Wilku.

I trust that they will be able to handle channel management when I am not in the channel or when I am away from the keyboard. This way the channel should operate smoother and all the pests that have a problem with following the rules will be removed immediately without the need of me being there (or waiting for me).




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