Back to the roots – Starcraft – Final battle in the Terran campaign… [VIDEO]

Hi all.

Some time ago I have decided to buy Starcraft (Brood War version) – game by Blizzard Entertainment. It was cheap as the game is not new (as in recently released) plus it was a 2nd hand purchase. To make it playable I used the Crossover software that I got for free long time ago.

Couple of days ago I decided to start playing Starcraft again. It’s a really good game. It’s like Warcraft 2 but in the space. While Warcraft is all about might and magic Starcraft is all about power and technology… The game is not better then Warcraft 2. It’s just as good but there are few features that are really cool ie. you can move some of the buildings to a new locations once they were constructed.

Main objectives of the game are to build Your own empire starting from the least advanced structures and troops and work Your way up while going thru a different missions. The last mission in the first episode (Terran campaign) objectives are “Destroy Ion Cannon” and “Raynor must survive”. Second part is easy. Just hide Raynor somewhere in Your camp and tell him to hold positions. First part is much more difficult but still doable. You are situated in the bottom of the map. You have enough resources to defend Yourself for a while but You have to work fast… On the west part of the map there is a red enemy (not very powerful but still can do a lot of harm…) and on the east part of the map there is a white enemy and trust me when I say – be afraid… be very afraid. Those dudes will not let You live in peace. While You MAY try to conquer the red base – don’t really even think about attacking the white base. Yes it’s doable BUT it’s extremely difficult and even tho I succeeded in defeating them in the past – trust me – it’s a suicide mission… plus the objectives say nothing about defeating them… To draft the image of how nasty they are… White dudes will send their troops (a lot) on a regular basis to destroy Your base and if that isn’t enough they will send You a nuclear gift once in a while and those missiles can really do some damage to your camp…

Once I had my base “well defended” and in OKish shape I have decided to build a Cruisers and some Transporters and attack the big ION Cannon which is located far up north… and I have succeeded ;).

It may look easy on the video but trust me it’s NOT… One mistake may lead to restarting the mission from the scratch… and I have been there many times before I have gathered enough experience to succeed…

Enjoy the video. I am recommending the game to anyone.




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