I have an idea for a project for Mozilla developers…

Hi folks.

I have an idea for a project for Mozilla developers so I popped into one of the Mozilla developer’s channels on their IRC network and I have flooded it with this:

Hi Guys!

I have a project idea that I would like to share with the Mozilla Developers. I have NO programming skills WHATSOEVER so this is just an idea without anything else BUT I think it’s good and I hope You will think so too.

The idea is… Since You are so good (and YOU ARE) with providing a proper / secure / fantastic e-mail client software which works really great – I am thinking You would be also perfect for creating a e-mail server side software too… I mean think about it – user installs Your app (e-mail server) on his own server machine and he gets secure / easy to configure like everything else that comes from Mozilla / fully featured e-mail server… with https / http / pop3s / pop3 / smtps / smtp / imaps / imap access so he can visit it via secure website / thunderbird from anywhere (assuming public IP is available).

I know it sounds like something crazy at first but just give a thought or two. Sleep with it and MAYBE but just MAYBE You will find this a good idea too. I have been thinking about it for several days and I know one thing – I would be using it under my Linux machine for sure…

So for example I have my own domain http://andrzejl.no-ip.org and it works with Apache / SSH server – I would love to have a great and easy to access e-mail server for my private use and I have it done with sendmail (from LAN side only) but if Mozilla would develop and release secure / upgradable / easy to use server app – I could start using this server as a fully working WAN / LAN e-mail. I know that with my domain it would go to spam in many of the e-mail providers but if I had proper e-mail server app I might think about buying a proper domain. Do You think that this would be possible / worth exploring?

I am sorry for a little flood that I have caused but so far I got a good couple of very positive reactions from people when I presented the idea to them so I have decided to pop in here and share it with You guys. Maybe but just maybe this will be a start of something new and really cool. Maybe it will not go anywhere but I could not get rid of it from my head and I had to try…

I have no idea what will be their reaction – if any but I have decided to give it a shot. Let’s wait and see…




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