Filter Of Filters 1.0 for Thunderbird is something to get excited about…

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As a full time Mozilla Fanboy :P, Firefox and Thunderbird user I am always excited when I will find something new for me that makes my Mozilla experience even better… Plan for today was – find out how can I filter the message filters in Thunderbird. Why would I want to do that You ask? Well let’s start with bit of explanation about what message filters are. Message filters can be compared to a set of sieves with different size nets in them. They can filter the messages using multiple criteria.

For example if Your account firstname.lastname@domainname.blah gets a lot of unwanted mail from a certain company based at… and you know that You never want to receive / read them or You don’t want them messages in Your inbox folder go to Tools > Message filters in Your thunderbird. Choose Your firstname.lastname@domainname.blah from the dropdown menu in the top part of the popup window and click New

Another popup will appear. Fill in the appropriate fields.

Filtering Messages in Thunderbird

1) Name of the filter – make it something obvious…
2) When is the filter to be used…
3) Should all criteria be met or just any?
4) What are the criteria – you can really have 100’s of them… and You are limited by Your imagination only…
5) What should happen if the criteria matches and filter gets triggered…

Now press Ok and You will be back in the previous window. Click on the filter to highlight it and click Run. All messages from (does not if it’s noreply@ or service@ or wewillsendyoumorespam@) will be moved / deleted / marked as read… Whatever You chose… Neat huh?

Ok You say… Enough about the darn filters. Why do You want to filter filters? Answer is simple. I have a lot of filters and sometimes I just need to modify / fix one of them and I cannot find it. Filtering filters is extremely helpful… The addon adds little box where You can type in what You are looking for and it allows You to find the filter that You are looking for easier / faster. It’s brilliant really…

Filtering Filter Messages in Thunderbird

Sooo… Where can I find this Filters Filter? Here. And how do I install it? Just like any other Thunderbird add-on – for example FireTray

It made my day really. Thanks wsmwk for the info ;).




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