3 great irssi scripts: autorejoin.pl keepnick.pl splitlong.pl

Hi all.

This is another post about Irssi – awesome irc client… Please make sure that You have read the previous posts before complaining that something is not working. Sometimes solution to Your problem is being posted during the installation process in previous posts.

Today we are gonna install more irssi scripts ;)…

First of them is autorejoin.pl. As the name suggests it automatically reconnects You to a channel after You were kicked or dropped. Second is keepnick.pl. If You haven’t registered with irc network keeping Your default nick can be problematic. Sometimes someone else will be using it. Keepnick will get You that nick whenever the person that uses it leaves the server. Third one is handy too. It’s called splitlong.pl and it splits Your long messages to a shorter ones 🙂 so they don’t get pruned by the server maximal message length setting :).

cd ~/.irssi/scripts/ && wget -c http://scripts.irssi.org/scripts/autorejoin.pl && wget -c http://scripts.irssi.org/scripts/keepnick.pl && wget -c http://scripts.irssi.org/scripts/splitlong.pl && cd ~/.irssi/scripts/autorun/ && ln -s ../autorejoin.pl && ln -s ../keepnick.pl && ln -s ../splitlong.pl

You may want to edit the ~/.irssi/scripts/autorejoin.pl file (line 25) and change the my $delay value from 5 to lets say 15 or 20… Some channel operators hate this script and you may get banned for using it there but normally it’s ok…

In irssi window run the following commands:

/load keepnick.pl

/load autorejoin.pl

/load splitlong.pl

/keepnick YourNick

Don’t forget to change YourNick to Your actual nickname ;).

/set splitlong_max_length 300

Voila… Installed and configured.

Now whenever you get kicked / dropped from the channel You will rejoin in (by default) 5 seconds, Your Irssi will try keeping Your nickname for You and if You type something longer then 300 characters Your irssi will split the text for You so it does not get pruned ;)…




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