The FOSS Convergance – Hootiegibbon opens 'alternative / open' os online service for friends…

Well done Hootie!

Here is the blog addy and few words from the founder:

Welcome to The FOSS Convergance, the place where like minds with different operatings systems can meet, chat, swap and exchange ideas freely and without confines beyond that listed here.

Keep threads on topic (ie the subject line context)

Be nice – we welcome all here – even Windows users who are curious

You can be a critic , but do not BASH, we do not like bashing here.

Keep it FAMILY friendly, teh Minimum age on this forum is 13 bare that in mind.

Obey the Law (US/UK and your locality) , no copyright or DRM infringements please.

No real world politics, or other “flame-bate”.

Use GOOD subject lines think about your subject

When posting for help in a section add !HELP! to the beginning of the subject and mark it !SOLVED! at the end of subject when it is solved

These simple terms may expand as time and necessity moves on

I am already registered on the forum… Are You?

Service also has IRC channel 🙂 and a Twitter account.

Link for Twitter rss feeder:




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