Irssi – Ignoring private messages from certain (annoying) people without ignoring their public messages on the channel.

Hi folks.

Some people don’t give a crappoli about the netiquette. They just do whatever they want to whenever they feel like it. The most common annoyance is PMing You out of the blue. I met a whole bunch of those pests in my days so I am gonna show You how I deal with them.

When connected to the server / channel type in:


Don’t forget to replace NICKNAME with the actual nickname of the person that keeps sending You private messages without asking.

Let’s say I want to ignore a guy with a nickname Troll. The command will look like this:

/ignore Troll MSGS

After running it my Status window will tell me:

14:51 Ignoring MSGS from Troll

This way You can still read what Troll wrote in the channel but all private messages from this person will be ignore…

Now let’s say Troll has matured and stopped acting like a fool and You had a change of heart:


will do the trick. Just remember to replace NICKNAME with the actual nickname.

After running:

/unignore Troll MSGS

Your status window will say:

14:52 -!- Irssi: Unignored Troll

I am pretty sure You will meet pests on IRC just like I did and I am pretty sure this command will come handy then.




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