Cool trick – speeding up LibreOffice by pre-loading it during boot.

Hi all.

I have decided to speed up opening of the LibreOffice and its components by pre-loading it after I log into my system.

This is not a trick for people with low ram machines. Why? It pre-loads LibreOffice on system start and keeps it in the memory so unless you are willing to sacrifice something between 64256 MB of RAM – this how-to is not for You.

Still interested? Great. Do this:

Open terminal and run those commands:

touch ~/.config/autostart/

chmod +x ~/.config/autostart/

mcedit ~/.config/autostart/

Now copy this:

sleep 15
loffice --nodefault --nologo &
sleep 10
kill $PID

Click on the mcedit window and press SHIFT + INS(ERT). Content of the clipboard should now be pasted into the mcedit. Now press F2 to invoke saving dialog. Now press F10 to invoke closing dialog.

Mcedit - Saving the script

Close the terminal and open any part of the LibreOffice (writer, calc, draw whatever ails you…) and click Tools > Options from the menu bar. Now in the LibreOffice menu find and click Memory. See the Use for LibreOffice box? Change it’s value to something like 64, 128 or 256. Now OK the Options window and close LibreOffice.

LibreOffice - Memory Settings

Now reboot Your machine and log into it. Give it some time (15 seconds) to run the script in the background and try opening LibreOffice component… It should start in less then 1 second.




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