Creating a crafted YouTube URL that points to a specific time of the video.

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Sometimes You do not want to share the entire video with a friend / co-worker. Lets say its a long video and you just want them to see a specific part of the it starting lets say at 57 minutes and 25 seconds. You can craft the YouTube URL so when they click on it it will take them to that specific time frame.


Recently I was “Gimping” again. I took a photo of Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson and I have selected / copied their heads. After that I took a photo of Jean-Luc Picard and William Riker


and after a bit of “manipulation”…


I got a result. Picard’s and Riker’s faces were replaced with the Security Now “team” heads.


“Ok ok but what does some gimped picture has to do with a YouTube link time line…”… Glad that You have asked. I have Twitted link to the image to Steve and he thought it was good enough to mention it in the Security Now podcast video that I will use as an example here. “Ok so now stop bragging and show me the url crafting thingie.”. Ok ok I am sorry I will get to the point…

Let’s say that the video’s URL is:

And You want to start watching it starting from the 57 minute and 25 seconds. Add:


to the end of the url so it looks like this:

and You’re done…

Person that will click on such a link will be taken to the time stamp chosen by You…

You can of course choose different time. Just change (or add) values accordingly…

Simple. Effective. Worth mentioning / remembering…




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