Kdiff3… I am loving this tool… Tempera’s theme upgrade – almost a headache… Almost…

I have noticed that there is an upgrade of the Tempera theme that I am using (and enjoying very much). I did the upgrade just to realize that it overwrote my style.css file changes (I did it improperly – I should have added it in custom css file – this way it would not be overwritten – so I don’t blame them). I have a backup! HELL YEAH! But… the style.css file is 2000+ lines long – I don’t remember which lines were added / removed / modified by myself and which were not… How would I compare them? I tried diff command line tool few times. Its… not for me – not for such big task. I remembered reading about kde tool that will do the same thing… Lo and behold… Kdiff3. FANTASTIC tool. Simple. Clear. Very user friendly. Very ejeet-proof. Very very easy to read. PERFECT. Thanks to this tool I had all the changes highlighted and fixing my theme was a breeze instead of a headache. Recommending kdiff3 to anyone. Its utterly freakin brilliant.

"So You say You want to compare 2 files? Point me to them!"


"You don't have to search for the differences... I will clearly mark them on the scroll bar for You..."


"And I will add those green and blue rectangles and other visual hints so You don't get confused!"





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