Thank You very very much Sarah from Vodafone Ireland Customer Care helpline.

I had a dilemma today…

I am planning a “little” trip soonish and by little I mean 4 hours drive one way. It will be boring and tedious and on top of that the driver decided to not to take their own car so there is total smoking / vaping ban… Lovely… I thought – IF I am going to survive this – I need Internet on my phone… So I went to the Vodafone Ireland website to check their offers. 2 things I could do:

– spend €15 and buy 1GB internet bundle or
– opt into the FREEINT

What is the FREEINT? At the moment every time I top up with €20+ voucher I will receive 30 days of free Vodafone to Vodafone calls and text messages and 20+ Cherry Points. Good enough. FREEINT will however add 250MB of Internet data allowance to them.

Both options are great! The only problem is… I have ~€19 of credit on my phone. I don’t want to spend 3/4 of it buying a 1GB of the Internet add-on which I won’t use anyway, neither do I want to opt into FREEINT because I will need to top up my phone with €20 voucher 2 weeks ahead of time if I want to get the internet add-on… I am short on cash… It’s a week when ESB bill and rent came together… I bet You know the pain.

So… I thought MAYBE I will give Vodafone Customer Care a call. Maybe they have cheaper add-ons like a 100MB for a fiver or something like that. After going thorough the automated menu I finally had an option to speak to customer service representative. “Vodafone Customer care Sarah speaking. How can I help You?“. Polite Young woman (after confirming my identity with several security questions) patiently listened to my story. She told me about the 1GB for €15 add-on and about the FREEINT options that I had. Unfortunately there were no other (cheaper) internet bundles that the Vodafone was providing at the moment. “I am screwed.” I thought. But then Sarah said something that made my day. “I will opt You into the FREEINT, then I will top up Your account with €20 to activate it and then I will take the €20 out from Your account. I will do that as an exception…” WOW! I was floored… I could not believe it… Thank You very very much Sarah. You are a good person and a lifesaver… This means that I get the 250MB internet allowance for free and I don’t have to purchase the 1GB internet add-on or top up with €20…

I am very pleased. Thank You again Sarah from Vodafone Ireland Customer Care.



Edit 01: The Dublin trip may not be such a PITA after all… Unexpected change of driver may change many aspects of the trip. Positive vibes… at last.


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