Remove the super annoying “Enqueue in SMPlayer.” option from the “File association” settings…

I always get annoyed when “Enqueue in SMPlayer.” option pushes itself in as a default setting for video playing… Today it aggravated me again and I said “Nuff is nuff!“…

First gain root:


Then update the list of files:


You need mlocate package installed for this to work.

Then locate the smplayer_enqueue

locate smplayer_enqueue

It should spit out:

[root@wishmasus andrzejl]# locate smplayer_enqueue
[root@wishmasus andrzejl]#

Remove that file:

rm /usr/share/applications/smplayer_enqueue.desktop

And then drop root:


And update your mime types:

update-mime-database -V ~/.local/share/mime/

That should work at least till next Smplayer upgrade…



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