SMPlayer 14.9 is now available! Heck yeah!

Woke up today and found this in my rss feed: “SMPlayer 14.9 available for Ubuntu”.

SMPlayer was / is my favorite media player since I have installed it in I think 2008. It is still being actively developed. Bug fixes and new features are being added.

This is a maintenance release. This version provides a new fix for Youtube playback. We also improved the option to search for subtitles. There’s a new feature, requested by many users: now it’s possible to shut down the computer after playback.

I have requested the “PC shutdown after stop playing” feature back in 2010 when I was still using PCLinuxOS. Good to see that it has made its way to the project ;D.

Here is my PKGBUILD for the qt4 svn version of SMPlayer:

SMPlayer 14.9

Its working great as always. Job well done rvm. Again :).




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