Rsanti Finally Got Himself A Blog!


After many years of tempting and failed reasoning attempts with Rafal finally I can say that I’ve managed to convince him to do a little housekeeping on his server and since last night I can proudly say Rsanti has a blog. Not a static image gallery. Not some lighttpd / sqlite weirdness… but a proper Wordpress blog, powered by a proper LAMP server. I mean Apache, MySQL, PHP, SSL… You name it. It took me a long long long time but it was all worth it. We are ALMOST there. Why almost? Well we are still working with a no-ip domain so there is no chance for a proper SSL cert but in this case self signed SSL certificate is really enough.

Sooo… Where can You find it? Here. Its still a little “bare” at the moment. Sure… The Krakow was not built in one day… But I expect many good posts from Rafal.

Beside the Wordpress powered blog there is also the Piwigo powered image gallery and for those of a nostalgic nature – the archive of his static photo gallery.

Good luck buddy.


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  1. To nie moja wina 😉 Jeszcze tylko VPN i będzie wszystko co niezbędne 😀

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