KDE4 All Permissions Greyed Out.


This is something I do when all my permissions are greyed out in KDE.

A) Open Dolphin file manager.
B) Right click on the ~/.firefox folder.
C) Choose Properties.
D) Go to the Permissions tab.
E) Click Advanced Permissions.
F) Make sure that all Special ticks (UID, GID, Sticky) are unticked.
G) Click Ok.
H) Are Your permissions still not available? They should be now.
I) Set them up

a) Owner: Can view and modify content
b) Group: Forbidden
c) Others: Forbidden.

J) Mark the box "Only owner can rename and delete folder content"..
K) Make sure that Your login. is present in Owner and Group dropdown menu.
L) Mark the box "Apply changes to all subfolders and their content".
M) Click OK.

This should finish with no errors.

You should be good to go.



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