Backup Your folders… Re-doing Your settings can be a long and tidious process…

I have heard a good joke today…

– Hey Daddy… What does “Formatting HDD successfully completed” means?…
– It means You’re freakin DEAD

It does not have to be this way…

First of all – in PCLinuxOS You need to know the root password before You can format a drive…

Second thing is – if You set the permissions to Your files properly nobody can touch them if they don’t have Your password.

Last but not least? Backup Your data!

I always run a very nifty command before applying any important change to my system:

cp -Rf ~/.mozilla ~/.mozilla.bkp

It makes my settings save… Copies them into the .mozilla.bkp folder – if something nasty happens to my .mozilla folder I can recover it in a few seconds.

I have a .bkp copy of most of my ~ folders. If I loose my .mozilla settings or they are messed up I use:

rm -Rf ~/.mozilla&&cp -Rf ~/.mozilla.bkp ~/.mozilla

It removes the .mozilla folder from my ~ folder and replaces it with new .mozilla folder copied from my .mozilla.bkp folder.

Of coz You need to replace .mozilla with the name of the folder You want to backup.

Mind Your fingers coz rm -Rf command IS dangerous if misused. It will delete everything in path given without asking and it will delete it recursively…

You could use it to backup and recover any folder to and from any place just mind the syntax of the command.



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