and "We don't support Linux" crap rant…


Seriously. I do with all my little black heart. Here is one of the hundreds of reasons why.

I was upgrading my server running PCLinuxOS today and after reboot it wouldn’t connect to the internet. I didn’t wanted to redo the internet settings until I checked that modem / simcard / network status is fine so I decided to plug it to the laptop that is running xp at the moment. Yes yes I know… I was upgrading my Nokia N73 soft so I needed Windows. I plugged the modem in and all was peachy – autorun (great idea btw. Microsoft Dudes…) installed software for modem then I rebooted and it froze on Saving Your Personal Settings… so I cold rebooted it. After reboot all was peachy again. Plugged in modem. Started the Mobile Partner joke of a application. Modem detected but keeps disconnecting (modem – not internet connection…). Rebooted again. Now modem was detected and didn’t dropped out but wouldn’t connect. Changed USB port and rebooted. Froze again… Tried to get it connected for 40 minutes or so and I got so PISSED OFF that I plugged it back to the PCLinuxOS server and I SSH-ed to it. I redid the connection settings which took me 1 minute at the most and rebooted. All was peachy again – it connected at boot time… and is connecting ever since… So modem was fine. Simcard was fine. Network on the side was fine. Possibly one of the upgrades altered the connection setting file. All I needed to was to remove / recreate it… BUT what happened to Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3 with all the patches? Stupid OS works fine when connected to my wifi router which then is connected to my PCLinuxOS server… USB works fine with Pendrive. You know what? I plugged in the USB Modem and rebooted with PCLinuxOS LiveCD in. It booted to PCLinuxOS. I configured the connection and it was all fine and sweet. This means that my USB ports on the laptop were fine as well. I have only one thing to say in this situation. Screw You Microsoft. I will keep using PCLinuxOS – I don’t need / want You.

SO few words to “We dont support Linux…” folks. You can kiss my backside coz You ain’t supporting Microsoft Windows either… and to be completely honest Microsoft does not gives a rat’s ass about either! If I was running Windows on the server I would shoot myself a long time ago or I would change Internet Service Provider ages ago. Honestly. service got bit better lately but this anti-Linux policy has to go! WAKE THE HECK UP! On the other hand got better but only for me – coz I am using Linux… All the Ms loving folks keep suffering. Open Your eyes people!

Why should I feel bad just coz I am using Linux? WHY? Windows can’t handle the bloody connection properly anyway. Linux can. But when I went to Three store and asked them do they have any Linux supported modems (I was going to replace my modem with something newer / faster) they said “No – We don’t support Linux…”. So I asked them would they allow me to check modems that they have for sale with my simcard. “No – You can’t try them and if You buy one of them You can’t return it and tell us its not working with Linux – we don’t support Linux…”. I told them that it stinks and I showed them my laptop running PCLinuxOS – they were shocked how fast and simple the connection configuration was… Linux… Outlawed OS…

You know what? Screw You reps – I don’t need Your support. I can handle this stuff myself. I am gonna try out one of my friends modem under PCLinuxOS and then if it works I will buy myself the same modem if I will feel like it. Or I will switch to other ISP. I don’t need You at all!

Here is how I feel. This is my honest opinion.



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