fsck: fsck.ntfs: not found

Hi all.

I was trying to fix an NTFS partition on a USB disk for a Friend of mine. I don’t have Microsoft Windows installed on any of my machines SO I couldn’t use chkdsk command. No problem. I have a PCLinuxOS – one mean green heckuva machine ;)…

I remembered that the Old-Polack was recommending

fsck -f /dev/sdxy

command to be ran as root on unmounted partition when booted from LiveCD.

I won’t bother booting into the LiveCD as its not / or /home partition that I am trying to fix I thought. Ok so unmounted the drive using the KDE Device Notifier and I ran the command:

fsck -f /dev/sdb1

The outcome was not what I have expected it to be…

fsck from util-linux-ng 2.18
fsck: fsck.ntfs: not found
fsck: Error 2 while executing fsck.ntfs for /dev/sdb1

As it turns out – I am missing a package… but which one? Synaptic package manager showed no entries whatsoever. Rpmsearch was not very helpful either… So I searched and searched and after a while asked Cyryl for help. I was provided with almost instant solution :P.

Make sure You have this packages installed:

A) ntfs-3g
B) ntfs-config
C) ntfsprogs
D) testdisk

and then run this two commands as root:

ln -s /usr/bin/ntfsfix /usr/sbin/fsck.ntfs
ln -s /usr/bin/ntfsfix /usr/sbin/fsck.ntfs-3g

Now try rerunning the command but skip the -f parameter:

[root@wishmasbell andrzejl]# fsck /dev/sdb1
fsck from util-linux-ng 2.18
Mounting volume… OK
Processing of $MFT and $MFTMirr completed successfully.
NTFS volume version is 3.1.
NTFS partition /dev/sdb1 was processed successfully.
[root@wishmasbell andrzejl]#

I was not missing any packages. All I was missing were two symlinks. The HDD was fixed as far as I can tell.

Thanks again Cyryl.



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