Creating ISO image out of CD / DVD.

Hi all.

Sometime ago I have created a slideshow video from a wedding photos for a Friendly couple. I made DVD video with a nice background music out of it and gave it to Them as a anniversary gift. (I used xsane / Imagination / mencoder / avidemux-qt / devede / K3B to accomplish this – all are available in PCLinuxOS repositories – just in case You ask). I wanted to keep a backup of this DVD on my HDD in a ISO file format just in case They ask for a copy. How would I create ISO file from a CD / DVD media? Its VERY simple. Use dd command. This is how it’s done:

Assuming that:

A) Your system identifies CD / DVD drive as /dev/sr0
B) Your destination folder is based in Your home folder
C) File name You want to user is file.iso.

Open terminal and issue this command followed by [ENTER] key punch:

dd if=/dev/sr0 of=~/file.iso


if=/dev/sr0 – Read from /dev/sr0 (raw format)
of=~/file.iso – copy the media to a file-container file.iso located in my /home/user/ folder i.e. backup media to ISO image

Now You can for example:

A) Burn the iso to a CD / DVD to make extra copies (with K3B / Brasero / SimpleBurn etc…)
B) If it’s lets say Linux LiveCD You can use ISO to boot it in VirtualBox (also available in PCLinuxOS repositories…).
C) Do many other things with it.

Hope this helps.



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