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Hi all.

I am big SSH / screen / irssi fan. I really do love the way they work together. SSH to the remote machine, takeover the screen session with irssi running inside… You can do that from just about everywhere… – including mobile phone…

Nokia N73 - Putty - SSH - Screen - IRSSI

What would make it even better? Well… and what made Firefox even better? Addons. Perl script addons… BUT there are always BUTs… The scripts were not working for me. Each time I was trying to fire up the script I was getting this error:

Irssi: Unknown command: script

Irssi: Unknown command: script

After a long while of Googling I have realized I need to load perl when irssi starts. How would one accomplish that? I will show You using as example.

Close irssi. Run these commands:

su -c "apt-get install irssi-perl"

followed by:

root's password

and then:

echo 'load perl' >> ~/.irssi/startup

Creating perl autoloading entry...

and start irssi…

Success! Perl modules perl/core and perl/fe are being loaded.

Success! Perl modules perl/core and perl/fe are being loaded.

Now close irssi and run this (You can copy and paste it) command:

mkdir -p ~/.irssi/scripts/autorun && cd ~/.irssi/scripts/ && wget -c && cd ~/.irssi/scripts/autorun/ && ln -s ../

Create directories, download script, create symlinks...

and start irssi again…

Now run this command (it’s a specific command – find out more by reading the script itself) in irssi:

/set nicklist_automode SCREEN

Create automode procedure for the script

Create automode procedure for the script part 2

Final step: Close irssi. Start screen session. And re-run irssi. Join any channel of Your choice :).

Well done. Perl loaded. Script loaded. Screen mode of the script auto-loaded. Triple w00t!

See that pretty nick list on the right hand side? HA! 😀 I do :D.

You can use screen on a local (not necessarily remote) machine. And it makes sense for many reasons :).



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