Alsa loosing it's memory (0ing volume after startup)?

Hi all.

Ok for some unknown reason alsamixer was setting volume of every single sound device to 0 and I found a solution to this for myself and I hope it will help others:

Open terminal and do this:


root password

service alsa force-stop


Follow the wizard – mostly just press [ENTER] when something pops up.


Set the volume at the wanted level by using left right up and down arrows and [m] button to mute or unmute certain devices and press [ESC] to leave the mixer.

alsactl store

and then add

alsactl restore

at the end of the


file using Your favorite text editor (as root).

reboot – Your settings should be restored.

I am running fully updated Zen Mini 2010.10 with Kernel 38.3 BFS.

Hope this helps to somebody someday.



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