Imageshack became to slow / problematic. I will try moving away from it.

Hi all.

I have been using Imageshack for over 2 years now. I have stored over a 1000 images with them. I was using them because they were good. Really good.

Recently however I have noticed few major problems with them:

A) Lastpass incompatibility.
B) Several PCLinuxOS forum users have reported “frogs” instead of a picture.
C) You can no longer store .gif images when using free or even registered account. Only premium users can do so.
D) Loading speed of the image is getting worse every single day.
E) Imageshack Firefox addon is incompatible with Firefox 4… Plus it’s designed for Windows and Mac only.
F) You do not get access to the direct link of the image unless You register…
G) Deleting image takes an hour (it’s being queued for deletion…)
H) Account access is next to impossible when their servers are congested which lately means all the time.
I) I will add more of them once I can recall them ;).

Those are the main reasons why from now on I will no longer use Imageshack services to store my images. I have a beautiful domain AndrzejL.Cyryl.Net that I got from my buddy Cyryl. Blog images have been moved there already. However I can’t delete my IS account just like that. There is over 950 images on the imageshack used somewhere on the PCLinuxOS Forum and other places allover the internet. I will have to delete some of the useless images first. Then save the images that I want to keep to the hdd and then send them to the AndrzejL.Cyryl.Net. After that – I will have to redo all my posts and change links to the images… That’s the plan. Will I actually do it? Time will tell. One thing is for sure. From now on – none of my images goes to Imageshack.

Thanks Imageshack. Farewell old Friend. We had a good run You and I.




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