KResource Migration Tool annoyance… and how to get rid of it.

Hi all.

If You have followed my “Stopping the darn akonadi server…” post sometime ago You may experience an annoyance when booting to the KDE4 desktop after upgrading to the kdepim 4.6.0.

KResource Migration Tool will harass You every time You log into the KDE and want to use Akregator or other part of the kdepim.

KResource Migration Tool annoyance...

There is a simple fix:

A) Check the status of the akonadi server by issueing this command:

akonadictl status

[andrzejl@wishmasbell ~]$ akonadictl status
Akonadi Control: stopped
Akonadi Server: stopped
Akonadi Server Search Support: not available
[andrzejl@wishmasbell ~]$

B) Edit file ~/.config/akonadi/akonadiserverrc and change the value of the StartServer from false to true. Save the file.
C) Reboot.
D) Check the status of the akonadi server by issuing akonadictl status in konsole. This time it should say that it’s running.
E) Start akregator or other kdepim app. This time migration should end with Successfull message.
F) Follow the post about “Stopping the darn akonadi server…” again.
G) Reboot.

This time it should not harass You anymore.

Hope this helps to somebody someday.



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