Adding and running Irssi perl scripts. []

Script fixed by TerryN! Thanks Dude! Howto amended.

Hi all.

This is an addition to my “Adding and running Irssi perl scripts. []” post so please read it before following this HOWTO.

Ok… I love Irssi. Its my favorite IRC client BUT it has at least two major annoyances IMHO. First one is the lack of the users list which I solved by using the “” script. Second is the way that URLs are handled. Irssi is indenting the text so the conversations are very easy to read and they look great BUT it breaks the links. <<< Read EDIT1. If You are a Irssi user and You use nicklist script You will know what I mean. It looks like only a part of link is active. How to fix the long links issue? Shorten the links. How? By using script. How? Let me show You ;).

Close Irssi and run (copy & paste) this command:

rm -f ~/.irssi/scripts/ && rm -f ~/.irssi/scripts/autorun/ && mkdir -p ~/.irssi/scripts/autorun && cd ~/.irssi/scripts/ && wget -c && mv ~/.irssi/scripts/shortenurl.txt ~/.irssi/scripts/ && cd ~/.irssi/scripts/autorun/ && ln -s ../

Start Irssi.

Now run this command (it’s a specific command – find out more by reading the script itself) in irssi:

/set shortenurl_autoconvert_minlen 10

Final step: Close irssi. Start screen session. And re-run irssi. Join any channel of Your choice 🙂 and wait for someone to post one of those long links again :).

Thanks to the script author and to TerryN!

Hope this helps somebody someday.


EDIT: I just checked and it’s the not the Irssi’s indentation that breaks the links. Sorry. My bad. If You don’t use the nicklist perl script Your URLs will not break. However I like my users list to much to get rid of the script plus the shortenurl script really does takes care of the issue.


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