Disney anti-open-source propaganda [VIDEO].

Hi folks.

I was browsing one of my favorite sites Niebezpiecznik.pl today and in their *ptr blog I have found a very disturbing post entitled “Disney tells children that open-source is evil…” and full of viruses…

I said it must be a fool’s day prank… but no today is not 1st April… Disney really says so… Do not believe me. Watch the “Disney anti-open-source propaganda.” video Yourselves.

That’s just wrong… Now I have only one comment. “No You wise ass little brat. I have paid 300 bucks for an exe file from Microsoft and I have no idea what was inside coz those asshats do not share the code…”. Now that would be a rookie mistake…

I think my soul just vomited a little bit after watching this video…




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