Upgrade eggdrop 1.8 and force it to use UTF-8 encoding. [VIDEO]

Hi folks.

I am running my bot MISIASTY on my #pclinuxos-pl IRC channel. I am using it as a greeter, infobot, antiabuse etc. etc etc. I am using eggdrop in the 1.8 version for a couple of reasons SSL encryption being one of them. I want to keep it updated – simply because updates bring bug fixes and security patches.

Every time I was upgrading my bot I had two choices – do it manually or automatically and loose UTF-8 encoding. What is it and why do I need this UTF-8 thingy? Well here is what wikipedia has to say about what UTF-8 is. And I need it so the special characters from Polish alphabed (ie. żółćęśąźń) are properly displayed. Without UTF-8 support bot is using some weird characters (ie. 〈ש€§) in their place and the whole text becomes unreadable.

Why would I loose UTF-8 encoding when upgrading automatically? To force UTF-8 encoding support in eggdrop You need to edit the source code before compiling. My script was very simple and it wasn’t doing a very good job. Today I said enough. I re-wrote a script. I asked Enlik to help me with two commands – and He did. Thanks Dude.

Now my script is upgrading the eggdrop to the latest version and I get to keep UTF-8 support.

The script is located here. And here is a transcript of the script at work. Here is a short video of the script at work.




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