‘HALP I locked meself out of bitlbee’ aka resetting Your bitlbee password.

Hi there.

Yes… I did it… 2 days ago I have locked myself out of my own bitlbee account :). Easy fix if You have root on the machine that the bitlbee server runs on tho.

Get root:


Stop the bitlbee service. In Arch Linux that would be done with:

systemctl stop bitlbee

Move Yourself to where bitlbee stores the accout xml files.

cd /var/lib/bitlbee

List the content of the folder and filter listing for xml files.

ls ./ | grep -i xml

You will get something like:


obviously instead of yourbitlbeelogin You will see Your actual login for Your bitlbee server.

Now generate new md5 hash for Your new password:

bitlbee -x hash yournewpassword

Replace yournewpassword with Your actual new password for bitlbee server. Terminal will spit out something like:


Write it down / copy it – whatever floats Your boat.

Use mcedit / nano / vi / emacs / joe – whatever suits You and open yourbitlbeelogin.xml.

mcedit ./yourbitlbeelogin.xml

First line will look somewhat like this:

user nick=”yourbitlbeelogin” password=”md5hashofyouroldbitlbeepassword” version=”1″

Remove the md5hashofyouroldbitlbeepassword bit and replace it with the new md5 hash that You have just generated for yournewpassword so it looks like this:

user nick=”yourbitlbeelogin” password=”7EcI4byy9MgrAPiK9″ version=”1″

Save the file and re-start Your bitlbee service.

systemctl start bitlbee

Use yournewpassword to log into the bitlbee server.

Because bitlbee uses Your password (or its hash – not sure) to create hashes of passwords for Your accounts (jabber / gadu-gadu / msn etc.) after manually editing that .xml file You won’t be able to log into any of those accounts – they will reject Your passwords as incorrect. You need to re-set all the account passwords. Use:

account tag set password

on all Your accounts (luckily I only had 2) diconnect and reconnect back to the bitlbee server.

Tada… All is bitlbee with the world again.




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