Listing all / gathering information about currently connected bluetooth devices.

Hi there.

SO I was working on my Arch Linux powered Asus V1S laptop this morning and I have noticed that my bluetooth had 1 connected client device…

Connected Bluetooth Device Info

I was almost sure that it wasn’t one of my devices so I got curious / little worried.

How can You list all the current bluetooth connections? The answer was simple although it took me a bit to figure it out:

hcitool con

It will list all the MAC addresses of the devices Your adapter is currently connected to / with:

> ACL ZZ:AA:TT:PP:88:33 handle 42 state 1 lm MASTER

Now if You want to know more about any of those devices use this command:

hcitool info ZZ:AA:TT:PP:88:33

Just don’t forget to replace devices MAC address ZZ:AA:TT:PP:88:33 with the MAC address of the connected device.

[andrzejl@wishmasus ~]$ hcitool info ZZ:AA:TT:PP:88:33
Requesting information …
BD Address: ZZ:AA:TT:PP:88:33
OUI Company: Nokia BLAH BLAH
Device Name: AndrzejL_Blah

[andrzejl@wishmasus ~]$

Turns out it was one of my devices that was connected… 😉

Command hcitool can be used for many other things. To find out more read:

hcitool --help


man hcitool




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