1.5 hours of waiting but I finally have some progress…

Its been only circa 1.5 hours since my last post but there is a progress.

I rang 1901 after finally getting my food intake sorted. Hot dinner. Nice… I had an idea. Instead of choosing 3 I chose 2 from the main menu – faults. I was connected instantly. I asked to be transfered to the Loyalty department. I was waiting maybe 10 minutes but finally I got through to Liam.

Liam was able to access Daniel’s note. He was also able to assist me with the following:

– moving to a new system account
– providing me with new system account number
– setting up security question on my new account
– setting me up with 30 / 6 e-fibre account
– few other minor details.

I’ve signed up for standalone e-fibre broadband. I was told that I will pay €40 including VAT per first 4 months and then €45 including VAT after that. I was told that my speed should increase over the next few days. Then I asked about my bill. Since I already paid nearly €130 to eir for the business account (March – April period) and now I am not on a business account I was curious if I should get part of my money back… Liam credited my account with €30… which was nice.

Thanks Liam from Loyalty department. It was a pleasure to talk to you.

Now… I think I have the business / residential account thing sorted. I will wait for my next bill and see if I get it double / tripple – if not – I am good.

Now that this is done its time to concentrate on the speed issue but that’s not a job for this week’s Andrzej. I will allow next week’s Andrzej to deal with this. Few reasons. I want the new system account to get properly established and I want the e-fibre order to go thru so that my account is fully “e-fibred”. I think 7 days should be plenty. Will check my speed a week from today and I will call them if its not in the region of 30 mbps download / 6 mbps upload.




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